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Décor is one of the most critical, yet most overlooked elements for a successful event. Be it lighting, wall draping, centre pieces etc. Décor is what transforms a common room into a unique and captivating world.

What a person sees, creates a large part of the all – important first impression. Light not only offers visual stimulation to complement other sensory input like sound and smells, but nothing can create the atmosphere and set the perfect ambience like creative décor and venue lighting.

Light is a wonderful event element! ……no indoor event should be without great lighting! Of course there are the practical considerations of making objects and people visible, but that does not even begin to scratch the surface of all the possibilities for the use of ambient lighting for an event.

The color of the décor lighting used enhances and accentuates the mood for the event: whether bright and fun for a birthday party or subtle and soft for a romantic wedding. For a complete event experience, ambient and décor lighting creates a thread binding the different aspects of the function together creating harmony and unity.

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